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About BREO

Breo produces premium health care products, such as head & eye massagers, neck massagers and hand massagers, which offer superior relaxation to users at any time. 

Breo portable massagers are one of a kind, designed with advance technology and quality.

Following the principles of “health starts from the head”. 

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BREO iSee4

The eyes are probably the most overworked part of our body. They are used all day, every day. Relieving them with the Huang Eye Massager will allow you to work more efficiently and comfortably.

Breo eye massagers use the principles of acupressure in gently relieving muscle aches and strain around the eyes.

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BREO iNeck

How many times have you come back from work feeling exhausted, with your limbs aching, having absolutely no energy left to pay your masseuse a visit?  Breo iNeck massagers are best Acupressure and Trigger Point Massagers On the Market

The circumference of the iNeck 2 ranges from 18-36cm. This circumference range ensures you can find the perfect fit and experience absolute comfort when massaging those knots and tight spots in your neck.

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BREO Scalp & Body

Massage is one of the most widely accepted components of alternative medicine, and research has uncovered almost countless benefits. Breo Body massage causes your body to release endorphins, relieve pain naturally.

Mmolded into a unique, soft, ergonomic form, which allows users to either invigorate or relax specific body parts – particularly the face, scalp, back and calves.


BREO iDream5

Breo head massagers are the fastest way to instant relaxation! The innovative massagers are a conduit of healing energy, relieving tension they it softly massages acupressure points

Experience a 360° head massage giving you relaxation. You can control the unit – including adjustments in pressure intensity and heat – using a smart app.

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BREO iSee100

The 20 finger-like vibrating contacts help relieve tired eyes. These contacts are made from high-purity silica gel that will not negatively
affect the skin. A small engine controlled by computer IC chips operates the variable-speed massage. 


BREO iPalm520

The Breo hand massagers have innovative new features designed to soothe and restore hands better than ever! Simply place your entire hand in the soft, cloth-lined chamber and turn it on. Built-in air bladders inflate and deflate to squeeze away aches and stress.


BREO M319 Body

Design of this new health care product is grounded in the fields of physics and bionics. Units are battery operated. Consists of three, individual, waterproof massage units